Updating folders thunderbird

Thunderbird does not let you switch profiles without exiting, unlike Outlook Expresses identities.

However, the profile switcher extension will let you switch profiles.

I use IMAP connections to get my email and lately if I leave my email open for more than 15 minutes it seems to disconnect from communicating with the server.

Hitting "Get new messages" does nothing and when I click on different directories in my folder list it doesn't go out and check against the server for new emails in that folder.

A profile can contain one or more account for mail, RSS, news, etc.

Each time it was hit-or-miss until I stumbled onto something that worked. When I try the above directions NO NEW FOLDER shows up. Hello Robert, We are not having any issues when testing the instructions above.

Are you certain that you are looking for the new folder in the Local Folders section and not in the Inbox?

Thunderbird 3.1.17 security update is also now available from recommend that all Thunderbird users upgrade to these latest releases.

To get the latest versions of Thunderbird for Windows, Mac or Linux download Thunderbird from or click on “check for update” under the “About Thunderbird” menu.