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Expand Environment Strings("%All Users Profile%") str Current User = Wsh Shell. Copy File str File, str Icon Path, True End Sub Sub Get_Create Shortcuts 'Add your URL on the line below str URL = " Set obj Shortcut Url = Wsh Shell.

On the other hand, the file is available, the icon will also be displayed beside your website name in the "Favorites" menu, the location bar in IE, and if the user opens up the "Favorites" folder, it will be the icon used for the link to your site.

Is there any way to change the URL to [website] (our stable and persistent URL) after or before the Add to home screen function is invoked" Also, the website isn't a web app, so I'm not sure if web app things would apply here.....?

No, it's not possible to do this because of security constraints.

That is the Firefox icon here, because that is my default browser.

But if you do specify an icon in the properties of one particular url, the purpose is to make that url look unique, and therefore easy to find.