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Yet your search can be streamlined using a few simple parameters, like the existing theme and your own taste in color combinations.Never pick anything you are not comfortable with just because it is touted as a “hot hue”.It's a durable, non-porous, heat-resistant plastic. The glossy nature of the material requires proper surface preparation to help the paint adhere.Carroll Compton, paint specialist at Sherwin-Williams, recommends Adhesion Primer Latex for melamine.Last week I shared with you how I transformed my kitchen cabinets from flat doors to my all time favorite – Shaker Style Cabinets!Today I’m going to share with you some tips and How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets of your very own! I didn’t take many pictures of this process because it just looked like white paint on a door no matter what stage of the process I was in..So I’ll just share my tips and tricks with you today, and a few before pictures I have!: ) Supplies: – Kilz Oil Based Primer – Enamel Paint – 4″ Foam Roller – Painter’s Pyramids – Paint Brush – Orbital Sander – Caulk After you have built your doors, you can move on to the whole painting process.

I think I was able to get away with one less coat on the bases though ; ) You just have to keep painting until it looks good.

Then go over it with a finer grit to smooth it all out.

Then wipe everything down with a damp cloth and vacuum up any sawdust.

It was not too long ago when pretty much everyone turned away from those vintage and retro hues and adopted a more modern approach toward kitchen cabinets.

Beige, cream and brown became the order of the day.