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In a way, I still have a naive romantic side to me, waiting for my (old... I don't want to lose it to some ***, and then regret it when someone truly deserving comes past. Although I'm not opposed to sex before marriage, I do not want to have sex with anyone with whom I do not feel a deep connection and commitment.I have never told anyone this before, mostly because they would think I was insane..I believe that very few people will actually ever experience true love, honest to God true love. majority of people frown when they realize that you're a virgin. I didn't date in high school and barely dated in college and I found it harder and harder to date as I got older, so I focused on my...The Chat was never really an issue for me until three years ago.

If one person has herpes, it's only fair to inform a potential sexual partner of this fact, then that person can decide whether to proceed.

He is a great guy—kind, sweet, loving in every other way.

A: Don't get too close when you discuss this because he's probably terrified you'll give him a cold sore.

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