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Babcock was the first Rhode Islander to graduate from Yale, first postmaster of Westerly, and was a RI Supreme Court Justice.

In 1845 the Babcock mansion was sold to Orlando Smith, who found an outcropping of granite on the former farm site and moved and expanded his granite business to the top of the hill.

Comparing the optical dating ages of the two sections, the Lujiaowan (LJW) and Shuixigou (SXG) sections recorded almost the same depositional process during the Holocene.

The ages of the two loess layers (2.44–3.38 ka at LJW; 2.47–4.36 ka at SXG) suggested that one drought event happened widely in this westerly dominated area.

These procedureslargely call on students to approach a trusted adult and describe the incident in detail.

It is our belief that bullying goes unreported because students may not be comfortable reporting incidents to school personnel.

The Westerly Memorial Library Association was established in 1892 to provide a war memorial and free library to the community.

The Westerly Library and Wilcox Park were built to serve the residents of Westerly, Pawcatuck, and surrounding areas.

Image of the Westerly State Airport located in Westerly, Rhode Island. See also: Rhode Island Historical Preservation Commission: Statewide Preservation Reports, 1975 - 1982 Guide to Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Division of Tourism photographs …

The New England Hurricane of 1938 (or Great New England Hurricane, Yankee Clipper, Long Island Express, or simply the Great Hurricane of 1938) was the first…

Image of people on the beach at Watch Hill, located in Westerly, R. Various images of the aftermath in Watch Hill, Rhode Island from the hurricane in 1938.

The 63–90 μm K-feldspar grains were separated to decrease the debris portion, and they yielded bright infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) signals.

A multiple-elevated-temperature post-IR IRSL (MET-p IRIR) procedure was applied to determine D.