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The shutdown was four days old and Richard had been out of the country rather than enjoying it.

If the really fucked it up they ended in a very tragic way I think. Maybe Armitage has a new lover in Berlin, no idea if he ever was not straying when he wa out filming and left Pace at home. Armiatge will move back to Europe and stay into the closet and will be a sugar daddy type to young boys..is not in the age nor in the looks that he can get another former attractive lover like Pace.

Bee Armitage about to get her gorgeous dick sucked!

And now he’s playing a cold-hearted Nazi infiltrator in the much anticipated whizzbangy film version of Captain America.

“They had put a microphone in the water so you could hear them say, 'Just waiting for the bubbles to clear.’ I’m at the bottom of the tank thinking, I’ve taken a deep breath but I haven’t got enough air.

When they asked me to do it again I was sitting in the dressing room crying, 'I can’t!

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He plays Heinz Kruger, a Teutonic assassin who at one point is involved in a super-macho underwater tussle. Then we were at the bottom of a tank and there was ten metres above you.” All 15 or 16 stone of him shudders at the memory of the moment the divers confiscated his goggles and breathing line.

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He incarnates SAS author Chris Ryan in the Sky series Strike Back, was Robin Hood’s scowling nemesis Guy of Gisborne, and infamously revealed himself as a ruthless killer - not nice Lucas North but nasty John Bateman - in the most recent series of the BBC’s Spooks.

In person, of course, Richard Armitage turns out to be the softest pussycat. He’s six foot something and mostly consists of granite and stubble.