Who is dating jackie chan

“I was very stupid,” Jackie admitted as Joan proved to be a virtuous woman throughout their marriage.

When his extramarital affair with Elaine was exposed in 1999, Joan remained calm and forgave Jackie for his infidelity.

Although Chan is known for being an philanthropist, he was once a nouveau riche who didn't know how to deal with his wealth.

Etta added: "I know that my name is Etta Ng and I don’t care what people call me.Despite having watched Jackie's films when she was growing up, Etta said: "He never existed in my life.I will never regard him as a father."I would not say that he is my dad.After I became a stuntman, I would go to nightclubs with my senior fellow apprentice," Chan says in the book.After becoming rich and famous in his 20s, "girls would come to me like butterflies. I have seen too many beautiful girls, Chinese or foreign.