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Not to mention the rules: flowers, chocolate, "should do," "shouldn't do"―everything about dating seemed awful.

And while that isn't 100 percent inaccurate, it's a weird reminder that who we were in our tweens, teens, and twenties still set the stage for who we are now. was our first foray into seeing what dating was supposed to look like. Via Lauren Conrad, we saw everything from personality-less dudes who were panic inducing in terms of their blandness to awkward dinners spent making small talk.Isn’t the point supposed to be that he learns to be a better all-around person?Still, the transformation from sleazebag to gentleman is miraculously completed with a little shove by screenwriting partners Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who scripted the unfunny “Four Christmases” at the end of last year.But via sound bites and Lauren Conrad's zest for slinging one-liners, it did teach us a few vital life lessons. They're too warm, they're too heavy, and they will result in at least one or two near-slip and/or falls, defeating the purpose of trying to look cool.Here, a look back at some knowledge this very important show imparted on us. And while I maintain that we all have a right to self-expression via our personal aesthetic, I draw the line here. Wear them to a wedding before wearing them to the beach. Be gone with you, combat boots.'s Lisa Love for dropping the mic on Lauren's decision to spend the summer with then-boyfriend Jason instead of going to Paris for work.